Sybase odbc driver issue with datetime fields

Good morning all,

we are facing an issue on Sybase odbc driver with EasyMorph for the values with type DateTime.

You can see the DT_CALCUL is as ?? for the data type, and when we want to pick a value, it shows numeric and gave an error when trying to check the results filtered.

Has anyone know a possible solution for this?


Best regards

Hi, while it’s being analyzed/fixed you may try to add a custom SQL condition, through the “add condition” button on your screenshot, like : DT_CALCUL = ‘yyyy-mm-dd’ where yyyy-mm-dd is your date.

Hello @quaresmago, and welcome to the Community!

What data type does the DT_CALCUL column have?

Hi andrew.rybka,

the column DT_CALCUL is a datetime as datatype.

@RJO this is considered as a bug on Easymorph? I know that by using the Custom SQL Condition we can adjust the query. The problem is, the business people (which aren’t the technicians) use only the visual to pick the values they need to generate the report, and they don’t know unfortunately how to do queries.


Hi @quaresmago,

Can you please post the following:

  • The exact name and version of your Sybase database
  • The exact name and version of your ODBC driver
  • A screenshot of a tooltip that is displayed when you hover the mouse cursor
    on the DT_CALCUL column in the Query Editor.

Hi Andrew,

in the below image, you can see the name and version for Sybase database and the ODBC driver:


And the tooltip on column DT_CALCUL from EasyMorph:

And more detail about the version of the Sybase database:

Hi @quaresmago,

Thank you for the screenshots.

Unfortunately, EasyMorph doesn’t support SAP/Sybase ASE, only SAP/Sybase IQ is supported.

Thank you Andrew for the clarification.