Suppress warnings take effet only when project are reopend


When we change warnings setting, change are taken into account only when project are reopened.


The setting is applied when the action is re-run. No need to re-open the project, just re-run the action. However, if an action already produced some warnings they will remain visible until the action is re-run, even if “Suppress warnings” became selected.

If I use “sub module” in project and when I change “warning setting” and return in another module to run action like “iterate” or “iterate table” that run previous module, change of “warning setting” is not taken into account.

When I use “input” action, it is not always easy to retrieve input data and I can’t directly launch action with “warning setting”.

It’s not taken into account immediately. But if you re-run the action, the changed setting is applied. No need to re-open the whole project.

I’m not sure I understand the problem. In any case, while there is the option populating the input data automatically, it’s always possible to send the output of any action to any “Input” action’s input by right-clicking the action selecting “Send to sandbox/module”. Thus you can craft any dataset and send it to the input of a module.

This is only possible for very simple cases.