Support for spatial data

Does EasyMorph provide functionalities to support the processing of spatial data ?
Suppose you would like to build a spatial database in a POSTGIS/Postgresql database.
Is such a use case possible in EasyMorph starting from shapefiles or other spatial data format ?

No support for spatial data in EasyMorph is planned in the product roadmap.

Thanks for the reply. Is there a workaround to handle this kind of data e.g. by converting it to a file format that EasyMorph supports?

EasyMorph can only import or export values which are either numbers, strings, or booleans. So if it’s OK for you to handle spatial data as text or numbers, you can try to use CSV as an intermediary data format.

Also, you can use EasyMorph to run external programs which will convert shapefiles to SQL queries (shp2pgsql) and run those queries against your database (psql).

P.S. Import from database action with a custom SELECT query can be used to import spatial data as text or numbers to EasyMorph.


Any plans to make functions for spatial data available in EasyMorph in the future?

Would be a nice feature because handling spatial data in programming languages has a steep learning curve. Sometimes spatial joins are the only way to relate datasets.

Thanks !

I understand it’s very demanded by some users, but no plans for anything spatial so far.

Ok thanks. Please let me know when it’s on the roadmap !

I’m working on a solution for this that will be an API call in version 4.0 for address parsing/geocoding/attributing that can then be used for joining datasets. Would be interested to understand the type of data you are working with as it might influence how I approach the solution. Do you already have Lat/Long and an associated boundary file, or are you looking to just link to available datasets ie; census data. My focus is primarily Canada and the US, as my experience is that current providers of this type of data lack the accuracy we need so desperation calls for innovation. eg: google charges $5.00 per 1000 calls. Smartystreets also has a solution for which there is a posted morph solution. All depends on your needs,

Thanks for the response.

I hope that one day EasyMorph could also import spatial data from e.g. shapefiles, GeoJSON, etc.
That I can perform some simple spatial operations like point in polygon analysis attaching the attribute name of the polygon to the point data. Doing spatial joins, etc.

So in the first place, using existing spatial data layers from open data sources to enrich my own data. This could also be from API’s like WMS-services and other types.

Thanks !


Any new on support for spatial data in future versions ?
For use this will become an important requirement.


Still no plans for spatial features.