Sum function in expression editor (Calculate new column action)


I need to do an expression like this using the calculate new column action: if( sum(field1)/sum(field2) > 0.3, “Yes”, “No” ).

I could not find a sum function in the list of functions available, so is it possible to workaround this case, in some other way?

Thank you.


I just tried to solve this and guess, that the example shows a solution for this.
Sum function.morph (2.8 KB)




in EasyMorph there is no formula functions that aggregate entire column. Instead, this can be done using actions (transforms). To calculate the sum of entire column you can use either the “Aggregate” action, or the “Total” action.

In your case, use “Aggregate” as in example below:

if-sum.morph (2.5 KB)


Data in sandboxes is stored temporarily and is not saved with project. When a project is opened, all sandboxes are empty.

Hello Jochen and dgudkov,

Thank you for your reply, it was very helpful.


Sorry for that and Thanks for the info.

Example data for pasting in the sandbox action would be:

field1 field2
1 4
2 8
3 12
4 16

Or just use the new version:
Sum function v2.morph (3.4 KB)

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