Suggestions wanted: Action for running SSIS packages

We’re thinking about adding an action to run SSIS packages (also in Azure). The action would be able to assign package parameters before execution.

What else should it do? What feature would you suggest for such an action in EasyMorph?

A bit more detailed explanation of the idea:

The idea behind the integration with SSIS is presumably some people would like to use EasyMorph for all ETL needs as it’s easier to use and has better data profiling/analysis capabilities, but they need some capability that only exists in SSIS. An “SSIS command” action in EasyMorph would enable EasyMorph + SSIS orchestration, i.e. flows that start in EasyMorph and then continue in SSIS (and, optionally, finish in EasyMorph). As a result, most of the ETL could be done in EasyMorph (developers usually like it more) and only what can’t be done in EM would be done in SSIS.

Another use case is to use EasyMorph as an API/automation tool. For instance, an external application could trigger an SSIS package via an API endpoint in EasyMorph. Or a Tableau dashboard has a link/button that triggers an SSIS package via a web request to EasyMorph. One more example, EasyMorph does file retrieval from an external system (e.g. Google Drive), and then triggers SSIS to perform the ETL part.