Suggestions for multiple Excel-files import used in Power BI

Hi, I’m a new user and very impressed with EasyMorph, already helped me in many projects.

I have a folder with many Excel files that I import into Power BI (Power query) where I do necessary transformations before publishing to The issue is that the amount of Excel files are pretty high and increasing making the load time in Power BI and issue.
I was wondering if someone had any suggestions on how to this process better/faster. I see that there are some Power BI sources/actions in EasyMorph that I maybe should use and also do the transformations in EasyMorph instead of Power BI (Power query).

Thanks for any inputs :slight_smile:

Hi Jørgen and welcome to the Community!

I would recommend doing data transformations in EasyMorph instead of PowerQuery and exporting the final result into Power BI.

You can also split your processing into two or more parallel flows as described here, in section “Parallel execution”.

Thanks for the swift reply!
I tried understanding the Power BI export, but struggling - any hints on the way?
Guess I dont understand what the different datasets in Power BI are…I have to .pbix file local and published to, shall the data from EasyMorph be pushed to

Check our the help article on the “Export to Power BI” action: transformations:exportpowerbi [EasyMorph Help]

Also, on this forum, there have been many questions about Power BI answered. You might want to read some replies: Search results for 'power bi' - EasyMorph Community - Data preparation professionals and enthusiasts

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