Suggested new actions: Import PDF File or Import PDF Text

It would be very helpful to have an ACTION Import PDF File or Import PDF text. Currently, we are using extensive PDF edits to prepare a PDF file to be imported in Excel and then import the excel file into Easy Morph. This process is very labor intensive.

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I posted this request in November 2022 and have not heard back on and planned commitments from Easymorph. Unfortunately for us, a partner that we communicate with sends us PDF reports and not Excel spreadsheets. They will not change their methods. Trying to prepare or read the file so we can process the data in Easymorpf is very difficult. You posted a tool that converts PDF to text but when I tried to contact the company, no one answered. Please consider adding some import of a PDF file to Easymorph. Let us know what your answer is. Thanks.

We’re expanding our team to invest in a few new product features, including working with PDF. I don’t have any ready hard deadlines for when support for PDF will improve, but it’s on our roadmap.

Let’s revive this topic in 3-4 months, I should have a more concrete timeline by then.

Maybe a connector to an API able to extract table from PDF ?
Or maybe a connector to elasticsearch or opensearch ?