Substrings / Trim Beginning Characters

This should be basic, but I haven’t found a way to trim off the first few characters of every record in a column. I’m not trying to trim leading spaces, I just need to remove the first 7 characters. Thanks.

Try the removestart() function.

Thanks, but that won’t work. I have a long text string that begins with ‘75000US’ followed by other text, which varies. I want to remove the ‘75000US’, but from what I see, all I could remove would be everything but the ‘S’. Every programming language that I’ve used has a SUBSTRING command where you can select any portion of a text string that you want.

Hello @PD-Data,

I’ve tried it with Dmitry’s formula and it works:

  1. Sample data created:

  1. Removestart() expression applied:

“75000US” has been removed, including the “S”. Are you doing something differently in your project?



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There may be an invisible character such as a thousands separator.

Thanks Roberto. That worked! Every example that I saw had matching text that needed to be included in the function. I wasn’t aware that you could refer to the column itself.