Strange errors while exporting to postgres


I got strange errors while exporting to postgres database on a process that before did not have these errors. We have not upgraded our server since the last succesful run.

I also faced the following error before the other one:

Hi Nikolaas,

This error means that the drive with your Postgres database has not enough free disk space.

Queries, executed by the “Export to database” action, may consume a lot of disk space when large dataset is being exported. And when the export fails, all that space is released, so it seems that the drive has a log of free space.

As for the second error - how many times did this error appear? Was there only one error of there were some other database-related errors?

Nikolaas, can you please track the amount of free space on the drive which has Postgres installed during execution of the “Export to database” action in question?

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the reply. We have looked at it and there was indeed no free space left for the postgres instance. We think it was due to log files that consumed all the disk space.
So it seemed indeed to be a postgres issue.

Kind regards