Still no Keep/Remove Columns by Condition?


we are on version 4-4-0-6 … very nice new functions. Great!!

Too bad that we are still missing Action “Keep / Remove Columns by Condition” (parameters).

One simple Example:

I want to filter all duplicate columns.
At the moment I am solving this by one derived Table and 4 actions as shown in picture below.

This makes the projects unnecessarily complicated.
The action could also be used for filtering Tags in XML files.

So e.g. take all columns that start with XML tag ‘Parent / Child1 / Child2 …’. … to get all Childnodes.

Or is there currently a simpler approach for this?

See also: Keep/Remove Columns by Condition



Hi Adrian,

In this case you can just remove the columns using the “Keep/remove columns”. Or, you can modify the iterated module/project to not return the extra columns. Finally, the proposed solution still works: Keep/Remove Columns by Condition

Generally speaking, I don’t see how columns can be removed using an expression. Such expression should be evaluated outside a dataset, but it should reference to column names inside the dataset. I don’t think it’s feasible.