Status of each project run when using Iterate Action

I use the ‘iterate’ action image to run a project multiple times using input as a list of folders. While the iterate action is running, I am unable to keep a track of how many iterations has the iterate function completed, time it takes to run each iteration, etc. Suppose I have 20 folders in the list of folders, how do I keep a track of each iteration.

Is there a way to keep a track of these activities or miles stones.

I saw the post: The Status action. How can I have something similar to help keep track of which iteration am I on.

Hi Saad, and welcome to the Community!

Just put the Status action inside the iterated project/module. Make the Status action show the current file passed via a parameter, or some other indication of progress.

See also this topic: Show more progress details on iterate module

Hi Dmitry,

Thanks for the prompt response! I will try this out…

Learnt a new thing today, helpful for my current projects.