Statistical Functions [DONE]


It would be great to have a wider range of statistical functions.



Hi Shaheed,

what statistical functions would you consider to be the most essential?

Median, Mode and Standard Deviation would be a good start.

Hi Dmitry,

Is the standard deviation function already available ?

It would also be nice to have a function to calculate quartiles or percentiles.


Hi Nikolaas,

statistical functions are not available yet. You can read in Release Notes what’s available in new releases. When statistical functions become available, it will be indicated in Release Notes.

The “Statistical aggregation” action in version 4.1 calculates:

  • Median
  • Percentile
  • Standard deviation
  • Standard error
  • Variance


Great feature! Very useful.
Can you provide us more details about how is works Percentile mode: Inclusive, Exclusive, Nearest Rank in “Statistical aggregation” transformation ?

Thank you.

“Inclusive” is equivalent to PERCENTILE (now obsolete) and PERCENTILE.INC in Excel.

“Exclusive” is equivalent to PERCENTILE.EXC in Excel.

“Nearest rank” is explained here:

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Hi Dmitry,

It would also be very useful if we could calculate this using the subtotal action.

Use case: we want to replace empty values by the median of a subset. Now we have to create a separate table using statistical aggregation. Then merge de result into the dataset.

Could this also be extended to include the mode into this action ?

Thanks !