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Starting via Listener

Hi all,

we actually use easymorph to put data from different sources into a PostgreSQL database for reporting reasons.
We have flat files, different databases and a RabbitMQ bus as sources. We pick up the data from RabbitMQ with a windows service, which gets the messages immediately and saves them in a file directory. Our easymorph job is scheduled every 5 mintes to get the files and process them into the target database. So far, everything works fine.
Now, some of our colleages would like to process the data into the target database immediately. The question now is, whether it is planned (or even possible now) to have a listener on the server that starts processing as soon as a new file arrives instead of a periodically running job.

Kind regards,


Hi Jochen,

the use case is clear and makes sense. At this point, EasyMorph Server is not ready to trigger tasks by events, because currently a task can’t be triggered multiple times in parallel. If a task has started, then attempting to start it one more time will fail.

We’re planning to modify Server to allow a task be triggered as many times as needed regardless if a previous task launch has finished or not. We call it multi-session tasks.

Once Server moves to multi-session tasks, more advanced use cases, such as event-based task triggering will become possible.

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Currently EasyMorph Server doesn’t support event-based task triggering
But you could try some workarounds:

  1. ems-cmd utility allows to trigger any task and upload/download files via EasyMorph Server API. This utility comes together with EasyMorph Server. More details could be found here.
    If the task is already running, ems-cmd will fail with non-zero exit code.
  2. Another approach is to decrease scheduled task interval.
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