SQLCODE 25 - Input Encountered after end of query


I’m using ODBC to connect to an Intersystems IRIS data structure. When I try to use the Export to database action of a dataset I get this error

Error: Export of batch with rows #1-10 failed with the following error: ERROR [42000] [Iris ODBC][State : 42000][Native Code 25]
[SQLCODE: <-25>:<Input encountered after end of query>]
[Location: <Prepare>]
[%msg: < Input (,) encountered after end of query^INSERT INTO "SQLUser" . "Customers" ( "cAccManager" ) VALUES ( :%qpar(1) ) ,>]
Source: action "Export to database", module "Customers", table "Table 1"

This error does not occur if I iterate over the dataset but I am worried that is slower and I’m working with a large dataset.

I’m using PostgreSQL dialect, no other dialects work. This error happens regardless of the number of columns. In this instance, there is only 1 column with a value of “001”.

I would appreciate it if anyone could shed some light on this.


Does the problem occur if you use the “Bulk export to database” action instead of the regular “Export to database”?

Bulk export isn’t supported under ODBC. The DB is not an option in the Connector dropdown

Hi @jackboulton,

It seems that Intersystems IRIS SQL doesn’t support the insertion of several rows when row values are defined with literals.

So it seems that iteration over a dataset is the only way to export to Intersystems IRIS data structure directly from EasyMorph.

Also, you can check if Intersystems IRIS data structure has a command-line utility that supports the export of data from a CSV file. And if it has, you can export your data from EasyMorph to a CSV file and that call that utility using the “Run program” action.

Thanks for your help.

IRIS can load by CSV by SQL but only in version 2021.2.

I am using 2021.1 so do not have access to this.