SQL Server export

Hi there,

I tried to update data on an azure sql database.

Currently, I used 3 actions on a fresh database :

  • I drop the table (if exist)
  • I create a new table (eventually with the updated columns)
  • I do a bulk export

Is this the correct method ?

This method has multiple drawback :

  • with large data, I need to upload all data, each time…
  • during this “update”, I can’t use my target application

I this possible to create the table and only update changes (column inserted, updated or deleted, field updated, row inserted or deleted) ?

The “update database table” seem to be the correct command “name”, but I think it’s not the correct feature to do what I need.


Seems correct.

It is possible but some of the operations would require using parameterized custom SQL statements. For instance, EasyMorph has built-in actions for inserting, deleting, and updating rows, but schema modifications such as column insertion/deletion don’t have dedicated actions in EasyMorph and therefore should be done using custom SQL in the “Database command” action. The SQL statements can dynamically insert column names using EasyMorph parameters.

Can you confirm,the “update database table” command can update changes, delete row in the destination and add non existent row from the source ? I think I not use correctly this command. I have allways an error.

For these database operations there are separate actions:

To update an existing database row, use the “Update database table” action. Under the hood it generates an SQL UPDATE statement.

To add a new row, use the “Export to database table” action. Under the hood it generates an SQL INSERT statement.

To delete a row, use the “Delete database rows” action. It generates an SQL DELETE statement.