I’m stuck in the launch of the SQL procedure. I m using iterate fonction and Run sqlcommand in a new module. When I run the projekt, I always have an error on the date parameter.
I don’t know how to understand and solve the error.

You will find attached the screenshot and projekt

I need your help

test koehler procedure.morph (37.1 KB)

Hello @Filvog,

Date and DateTime values in EasyMorph are stored internally as numbers.

You’ll have to convert them to text dates with the required format before inserting them to the Custom command statement.

You can do that with one of the following options:

  • “Everything to text” mode of the “Convert data type” action (you’ll have to choose an appropriate Number format)
  • “Modify column” action with the format function (you’ll have to specify and date or datetime format manually)
  • Calculated parameter in the sub-module that will convert the passed {utcDatum} parameter value to text with the format function. Then you should use that calculated parameter instead the initial one in the Custom command statement.