SQL float imported as date

Hi all,
a very strange thing, I have a SQL float imported in easymorph as date.

This is from SQL

and this in easymorph:

How is it possible and how can I solve it?

Thank you

Hi Claudio,

In EasyMorph dates are numbers (similarly to Excel) and sometimes EasyMorph incorrectly auto-detects numbers as dates. What you see is not a data issue, it’s formatting issue. Just change the column format for column [Numeric Data] and save the project.

Ok thanks! I had never changed it manually before, I suppose I have to deactivate the auto-profile function, is it correct or has it nothing to do with it?


Thank you so much!

Auto-profile is only for automatic data profiling shown in the toolbar next to the “Auto-profile” checkbox. It doesn’t affect format auto-detection.