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SQL Expressions Slow Behavior

I am noticing a slowly behavior in the expressions.
I made a few expressions of the type “case when [a]=[B] then 1 else 0 end” and I want to put it on the filters as Expression equals 1.
However it turns the query very slowly and sometimes it doesn’t even let me complete the equals condition with a 0 or a 1. It seems that is because it tries to find out the datatype of the expression, but it also needs to load a few lines to do it. But it can’t because the expression is not complete. So, it is like an infinite loop. I am aware that this is a problem mostly when the query is bigger, but I wanted to give you this feedback to see if there is anything that could be done

Additionaly, when one creates the first expression it does not appear automatically on the expressions list. We have to click OK, Apply the changes to Import from database action and open it again to see the created expression.

Thank you !

Thank you for the feedback, @sousas.

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