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Split One Excel File to Multiple Sheets in New file

I am trying to use the Example 2 where you can split one excel file into multiple files and works perfect, but I cannot do the same for 1 file multiple sheets.


I reengineered a bit to create first a Master File, then when exporting it will use that same file but Create or replace existing sheet option, but it is not working, it keeps only 1 worksheet.

Any hints in how to achieve this? Thank you.

You can use the “Excel command” action (formerly “Excel metadata”) to obtain a list of sheets in the workbook. Then use iterations to load each sheet and save it in a separate file.

Check out also this topic: Multiple files, small variation in sheet name, import with parameter

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Thanks a lot @dgudkov didn’t know this was available, and what if I have multiple files and each file needs to be one sheet, I assume the iteration process is the best way to go?

Wow, made a couple of changes using Iteration 2 example with this and worked perfectly. Thank you very much.

You’re welcome!

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