Split into multiple rows for multiple columns


Could you add the option to split multiple fields at once in the split into multiple rows actions.

Use case 2 fields with concatenated values that have to be split over multiple rows.

Something like this:


You can just apply the “Split delimited text into rows” action twice - once for one field, and once for the other.

Yes indeed but it will split in the “wrong” way in the sense that there will be a repetition of values split in the first action.

eg. If I have two columns like this.

colA: 1,2,3
colB: a,b,c

When I first split A then for each value of A, we will have “a,b,c” from column B. When we then split column B, we will have the 3 values (= rows) of A for each value of B.



You can do the split in two derived tables and then append columns, as described here: Advanced Split with Multiple Columns