Split delimited text into rows for mor than one column

It would be nice to be able to split columns into rows for more than one column at a time.
Is there a way to achieve this with a workaround or do we have to create derived tables for each column for splitting into rows ?

One action “Split columns into rows” splits one column. No need to create several derived tables. Just apply as many actions in the same table as needed, unless I’m missing something.

Hi Dmitry,

Say, for instance we have the following dataset with two fields I want to split.


For the first row for instance, I want the result to be:

3 64 VELD1
3 27 VELD2
3 81 VELD 3

When I use two times the split transformation, I get a repeat of values like this:


In this case, yes – you need to use a derived table and split values separately in each table, then append them side-to-side using the “Append” action in “Append columns mode”,

Hi Dmitry,

Thanks, that’s indeed the kind of solution I have worked out !

Kind regards

You’re welcome!

So I need an action for each delimiter in a column?

Why do I feel there should be a better way?

You can split values with multiple delimiters in a column in a single action.

The original question was about splitting multiple columns at once, not values.