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Split column into columns



I regularly need to split product dimensions from a single column into multiple columns. For example:

Dimensions: 5x10x20

is split into…

Length: 5
Width: 10
Height: 20

I’m currently exporting to Excel and using ‘Text to Columns’, then re-importing into EasyMorph. Is there a way to achieve this in EM so that I can simplify my workflow (i.e., split a column into multiple columns using a delimiter)?




Hi Steve,

In version 3.6 we’ve added “Split delimited text” transformation which does the same as “Text to Column” in Excel.



That’s perfect, thanks!!


Hi Dmitry,

Maybe I am not using the transformation not correct but it would be nice if this transformation could deal with variability in the number of elements in a delimited text string.
If for row 1 you have for instance: 5x10x10 ( = 3 elements in the string) and in row 2: 5 x10x20x30 (4 elements), EasyMorph does not create the 4 columns automatically.

Could you add this feature or can we use a workaround in the current version ?

Kind regards !


You can create max columns possible and then use the “Remove empty columns” action to remove empty columns.