Split column into columns


I regularly need to split product dimensions from a single column into multiple columns. For example:

Dimensions: 5x10x20

is split into…

Length: 5
Width: 10
Height: 20

I’m currently exporting to Excel and using ‘Text to Columns’, then re-importing into EasyMorph. Is there a way to achieve this in EM so that I can simplify my workflow (i.e., split a column into multiple columns using a delimiter)?



Hi Steve,

In version 3.6 we’ve added “Split delimited text” transformation which does the same as “Text to Column” in Excel.


That’s perfect, thanks!!

Hi Dmitry,

Maybe I am not using the transformation not correct but it would be nice if this transformation could deal with variability in the number of elements in a delimited text string.
If for row 1 you have for instance: 5x10x10 ( = 3 elements in the string) and in row 2: 5 x10x20x30 (4 elements), EasyMorph does not create the 4 columns automatically.

Could you add this feature or can we use a workaround in the current version ?

Kind regards !

You can create max columns possible and then use the “Remove empty columns” action to remove empty columns.


i have a similar problem.
The source data comes as XML with previously indefinable structure depth.
In the target table, the name of the column should be the last name in the structure.
So by example the name of the column Slashcout + 1 or the “split delimited text into columns” Action should keep the last column.

In my Example: kompolo, Herkunft, sapverwenden …

Is that possible?

Kind regards,


ok, got it with 2 Mirror :grin:

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Yes, mirror(), keepbefore(), then mirror again.