Split badly (?) structured Excel file

Can someone assist me with here
I want to make this example into

  • 3 tables
  • do some cleaning
  • stitch them back together

Its the first step I need some input on, maybe use iteration? Just need some push in the right direction please :slight_smile:

To split it into three tables, you can use the “Trim by condition” action. For instance, trim the table before “Navn” appears in the 1st column in one derived table, and then trim after the word in another derived table. You will probably need to use the action 2-3 times in derived tables to chop off different parts of the table above or below certain values.

Hello, something I dont understand :slight_smile:
This is the result of the trim

Must also add that there are more employees in the list, about 30 of them and the column headers are not the same

You are trimming below first match.
So you suppress all the rows after the first match.
Try the option « above »


Hi and thanks, but then nothing happens

Sorry for being bad at explaining, tried some more and I now have a column that is True whenever there is a new employee that should result in a derive action or something like that, so that I can do further transformation on each of the employees.

@jorgenandreassen it would help if you could post a sample file. One workflow sometimes explains better than a thousand words :slight_smile: