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Special Characters - how can we read these?

I have a data file that have user names in it. The names have accented letters like an a, i or o. When I load it into Easymorph it shows up as a boxed question mark. I need to be able to load these into sql. Would it still import correctly? How can i see them when I import from excel.


Special characters are:
ascii numbers: 135, 141, 142, 146, 151, 156, 159 etc.

What i’m seeing is: V�ctor which i’m assuming is the accented i.


After doing some tests I notice it works fine when loading the special character from XLSX but not from TXT. So for clarification when I have the text file that contain these and are being loaded into Easymorph they come back with that diamond question mark. If I load it with an XLSX then it works fine and shows up with a i (italics).

It seems like you’re loading a text file in an ANSI encoding. Set the correct encoding in the action settings:


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