Space logging on server missing since upgrade to


We’ve upgraded our server from ~4.7 to and after the upgrade we don’t see any logging in the following location: C:\ProgramData\EasyMorph Server\Logs\Spaces.

The server itself is functioning as always and does not have any issues. In the application we do see the logging. But we need the .log files for reporting and monitoring.

Has the location changed for these space logging files?


Hi Ruud,

It looks like you missed it in the Release notes v5.0:

The Server log now contains only system-related events. All other events are moved to the journal.

Task logs no longer exist. Task events have been moved to the Server journal.

Aha that’s it!
Yes, we’ve skipped some versions and I didn’t check that release note.

Thanks for the quick response!
Regards, Ruud


I wanted to know how it is possible to connect to the Embedded (SQLite) database of the Journal.
Already have found the answer in the EM_Server_Admin_Guide:

The embedded journal database is a SQLite file "C:\ProgramData\EasyMorph Server\journal.db".

This file can be used by creating a connector of the type 'SQLite' and just point to the .db file :slight_smile:

Regards, Ruud

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Yes, exactly :slight_smile: You can even make it a Catalog item of the "database query" type.

Note, however, that future versions may introduce new fields or changes to the database table structure. We will warn about it in the Release Notes, so make sure you read them before updating to a new version.