Sorting text - uppercase always coming before lowercase


When sorting a column with text values, the uppercase letters are sorted before the lowercase letters. Is there a way to sort (without having to change the case of the values) where that the case does not have any impact, so the sorting is based purely on the actual value?

In the following example, “Acabado” appears after “ACUMULADOR”, but if we take into account only the value and not the case, it should be sorted before:


Thanks very much,


How about creating a separate column with lowercase values and use it for sorting?

Hello Dmitry,

Yes that works, I see that it also happens with accent marks (“a” is ordered before “á”), so apart from making it lowercase, I will also replace all letters with accent marks to their equivalent without accent marks in the expression.

Excel orders text values in a different manner, it doesn’t take into account differences in upper/lowercase or accent marks.