Sort column in an export alphabetically (tab)


Is there a way to reoder column alphabetically dinamically :

Morph test recive file 1 :

Col X ; Col A ; Col E; Col z

Morph test recive file 2 :

Col z ; Col E ; Col X; Col A

And want all file exported by Morph Test :

Col A ; Col E ; Col X; Col z

Thanks by advance for your help


Hello, maybe you can try to unpivot, sort by Labels in the order you want and then Pivot again ?

Hello Alexandre,

you can explicitly specify the necessary order of columns explicitly using the “Reorder columns” action. The first rule must specify the leftmost column. The rest of rules should use the “After column” positioning. However for many columns creating all the rules can be tedious.

Alternatively, you can use the feature of the “Append” action that the order of columns is always defined by the table to which another table is appended.

See the example below that demonstrates the both variants to specify a column order explicitly.

explicit-column-order.morph (7.6 KB)

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Thank you for your reply I have found an other way fully dynamic.