Some suggesition

I have been using EasyMorph for almost two years and I would like to suggest improvements to speed up some operations:

  • Keep Column action in the right-click contextual menu clicking on a column (opposite to Remove Column)
  • Consider whether to show Salesforce actions among notable actions for disabling them in a debug check
  • Select Matching Database Rows action always creates a new table instead of staying pinned in the table in which I would use it
  • Fill Up action also would be useful
  • Often, if I import a table from the database, modify the data and then want to update some fields of the same table, the Update Database Table action tries to match all columns … I’d like a button that quickly deletes all matches because sometimes, with tables with many columns to modify, I just need the row id to make a match.
  • Can Merge Anoter Table action have an INNER JOIN match?


Hi, carlo.nigro.

I’ll let the EasyMorph folks address the rest of your list, but the first item - “Keep column” - does already exist in the column context menu, except it’s called “Select column”. (i.e., it keeps the selected column and removes all others).

Is that the functionality you were referring to?


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Hi Craig,
sorry for late… yes, effectively my first suggestion is solved by “Select column” action! :sweat_smile:
Never used it 'cause I thinked was be used for another purpose… thanks!

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