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Some little features

Hello Everyone,

I really enjoy EM and I want to suggest few features that maybe would make EM even better.

1- Dulplicate action: add this possibility in the contextual menù (right-click on an action), because usually the duplicated one will be used in the same table or near it;
2- Intellisense: it would be great to have an intellisense suggestion when we’re writing functions, a tooltip that suggests parameters name, columns name and functions (for the last one it could be good that when I write a function word, after opening the first bracket, it could show the usefull mini-help that appears when you select the function on the Functions listbox);
3- Show columns already used in the Keep/remove match. If you’ve got 60+ columns it’s hard to keep track of which ones are already used in the Keep/remove match.
4- Annotations: the table annotations could be shown when the mouse is over the table (similar to what happen with action annotations);
5- Arrows on the bottom border: when 2 tables are linked, an arrow shows this link. The point of the arrow is ever on the upper border, but it would be better that if the starting table is positioned under the end table the arrow point aim to the bottom border

Did you know that you can depress the Ctrl key when you move an action - it will duplicate the action instead of moving it?

Thanks Dmitry, I didn’t know this useful trick!

Check out more tricks and keyboard shortcuts here: shortcuts [EasyMorph Help]

Hi, AndreaM. Just wanted to mention (about your #5) that the arrow doesn’t just point to the “top border”, but to the action that is pulling in that second table. (For example, if your second or third action in the chain were the “Synchronize” action, the arrow would be positioned down farther, over that.)

It would look OK if the table is collapsed (as in your pic), but when expanded it would be hard to tell where the arrow is pointing. My two cents.

I know that the arrows point to the action, and I agree that in a non collapsed-table it would be harder with my solution, but in a collapsed scenario it will increase the readability of the schema

Another little feature: in the UPDATE DATABASE TABLE add the search of the column name
In some case we’ve got 100+ columns and is a little bit boring find the correct ones.

About the listbox where I can check multiple data: we can select all, select none, order A-Z and order by none, it could be great to have the possibility to view the “only selected value”. When we’ve got 100+ fields and we choosen 15+, it’s hard to find if we missed something, and this filter would be a great improvement.

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It would be great to have an option to auto-map fields with the same name. That would be very helpful.

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