Snowflake Connector via ODBC: No Active Warehouse

Hi there EM community,

I am trying to configure the ODBC connector for Snowflake. I have the Snowflake driver installed. I also have the DSN configured and when I test the connection it comes back as successful with that connector setup window after I hit test. So I think that is at least working. However when I try to pull a DB table in from Snowflake with it, I am getting the below error that no active warehouse is selected in the current session. The warehouse is indicated in the DSN configuration though. Any ideas on how I can select an active warehouse with the 'use warehouse" command at the time it should be searching the database for available tables?

Hi @Twitch,

Have you specified the Role option in the ODBC DSN settings?

It seems that you should specify a role that gives you access to the warehouse specified in the ODBC DSN settings.

I had a similar error with the session default database not being specified, and setting the Role option fixed that error.

As a workaround, you can assign the default warehouse to your user using the “ALTER USER” command from the Snowflake console.