Snowflake Connector Issue

Hi EasyMorph Team,

I am experiencing an issue with the Snowflake connector. When I execute a Database command, the connector throws and error, stating that the user is temporary locked. When I go into the configuration of the connector and test it, the connection works without issues. The same applies to the user itself, when I review the status in Snowflake.


Do you have any recommendation of how to address this issue?

Hi Albert,

The “User temporarily locked” error is issued by Snowflake when a user login fails after several consecutive attempts. The user stays locked for 15 minutes.

It looks like, in your case, the “Test connection succeeded” message is a false positive because of a bug in the Snowflake Connector for .NET library, used internally by EasyMorph.

I was able to replicate this bug by changing the password in my test Snowflake connector to an incorrect one and pressed the “Test” button several times. And I only got an “Incorrect username or password was specified” error on the first try. In all the following attempts I got the “Test connection succeeded” message.

Have you experienced an “Incorrect username or password was specified” error message with that connector in EasyMorph earlier?

If yes - please type in your password to the corresponding connector field one more time and try to run the command again.

If not - is it possible that someone other than you is trying to log in to Snowflake with the same username?

Also, does your password contain some non-alphanumeric characters, especially equal signs special characters? It’s possible that such characters may be incorrectly escaped by the mentioned above library.

Hi Andrew,

entering the password fixed the problem. We went through a renewal of the password, and this connector must have been overlooked.

Thanks a lot!