Snowflake Connector Configuration for ADFS SSO

We are trying to use the Snowflake connector to connect to and authenticate with
snowflake, which has SSO in our instance. We have not been successful and were hoping someone else has solved this riddle. Based on AD logs, the user is successfully authenticating against Azure AD, but Snowflake then passes a token (I believe) back to be used in the connection string. It seems that EM may not capture or recognize this and we cannot connect successfully. (I could be wrong here)

Alternatively, if anyone has successfully used the REST API’s and is willing to share we would be very appreciative.


@mfailyer @Tanner.Hart

Hello Casey,

Have you tried to use Snowflake ODBC driver with the ODBC connector instead of the native one?

HI Andrew,

Yes I have used both the Snowflake connector in EM and the ODBC connector using the Snowflake DSN ODBC. The current problem on our side is that we are using the authentication method of “externalbrowser”, which spawns a new browser session every time it authenticates. Today, our team is going to look at setting up OAuth and REST API to see if we can streamline the authentication process and make it usable for EM projects.

I am thinking that this is not an EM issue, but that we are using the wrong authentication approach for our specific needs. I will post an update and share newly gained knowledge as we work through the OAuth and REST API scenarios.

As always, thanks!