Slow synch issue with new easymorph server - data catalog

Hi team,

This was not happening in 5.2.

When I retrieve a computed dataset which is actually a very small table of 500 rows, the computation is instant and I can see now on the server a label more explicit than success : “retrieved x rows at …” so that’s nice. The problem is with the desktop. I run a retrieve of the same dataset and I have to wait like 1 minute or more, it’s not instant. But on the server I can see the computation is already finished. Even if I try a refresh on the desktop side I still see that the computation is on going. So I think there’s a kind of problem of synchronization between desktop and server. As I’m working at the office, I don’t think it’s coming from my network. What do you think ?

Edit : if it can help, if I close the desktop and rerun it immediately it’s saying the computation is finished. So maybe you introduced a kind of “pause” in the refresh that makes it wait for nothing ? I’m using client.

Problem confirmed. A fix will be available soon.

The updated versions of Desktop and Server have been published on our website. Let us know if the problem persists.

Seems ok, thanks a lot !