Skip condition on derivated table don't skip all next derivated tables


As you can see on this screenshot, first derivated table are skipped by condition.

Actions are skipped.

Derivated tables are not skipped.

How to disable an entire branch and its derivated based on condition?

Thanks for your help.

EasyMorph version: (30a69b, ‘Release’)

Hi Florent and welcome to the Community!

There are multiple ways how to handle cases when more than 1 table have to be executed on condition:

  1. Put the tables in a separate module. Call the module on condition (e.g. after the “Skip actions on condition” action). In this case, all the tables in that module and actions in them will be executed conditionally.

  2. Note that when a table is skipped it’s empty (its output is empty). Therefore, any table derived from the skipped table can be executed conditionally too (“if the table is empty”). In this case, conditional execution will be propagated on the derived tables too.

  3. Use the new “Skip actions on condition in another table” action. In this case, you can calculate the condition on one table, and then skip actions in multiple other tables based on the condition calculated in the first table. Make sure that the other tables (that depend on the condition) are executed in the necessary order. User the “Synchronize” action, if necessary.


I’m not new, I’m Florent. I don’t have used my other account to have email alert from response.
I don’t have access to my personnal email at work and I want to keep my other account.

I refactor on morph and I create a new module. I don’t want to explode this module. => case 1 not a solution for me.

I use two conditions with this table. Empty or not to determine what to do.

I think that I will compute data differently to get a number as result to use condition on derivated table.
I didn’t quite understand how the derived table condition worked.
For me it wasn’t just to skip table actions but to not execute the branch.
Now I understand better how it works.


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