Since MySQL 8.0.22 upgrade EasyMorph fails with Error: Character set 'utf8mb3' is not supported by .Net Framework

It appears immediately after MySQL Community Server 8.0.22 upgrade the EasyMorph Application Fails jobs with error Error: Character set ‘utf8mb3’ is not supported by .Net Framework.
It appears many issues with this on MySQL since 8.0.29:

Is there a setting in the DB connector Advanced Options to bypass this character set error?

I don’t think you can bypass it with a connector string option.

EasyMorph v4.7 is a pretty old version. Is there a reason why you don’t update to a later version?

Right now we know the scripts are working on current version and wanted to try to avoid too many things getting upgraded at the same time… not sure what new problems we may introduce by also upgrading the EasyMorph and/or Microsoft .NET framework as well if needed.

Earlier versions of EasyMorph were on .NET 4.5.x, then it upgraded to .NET 4.6.x, now it’s at 4.7.x which is already an old version of .NET so we will be re-targeting to .NET 4.8.2 soon. You may run into bugs that simply can’t be fixed because they appear in a .NET version that’s too old.

I would suggest installing the most recent version under a throwaway Windows account and running the project in it.

If necessary, get a 30-day trial key from to test if your projects work in a newer version.

Thanks. Our second problem is our lab environment does not allow Internet for the upgrade.

  1. Is there a location to download the latest current install so I can upload it into the environment
  2. Can I install into a different location to run both in parallel temporarily to test or only on a separate windows environment?

It appears the new version of EasyMorph now forces the GUI to launch and freeze our *.bat scripts which call it using:
morph.exe /c “C:<path>\easy<filename>.morph” /param:input_file=C:<path><filename>.csv

So it seems the behavior has changed and is failing to process the files in batch mode as the previous version of EasyMorph was doing…

It appears our loop to process multiple files requires manual intervention to close each GUI window spawned to continue to next file… until the process is completed. Is there a new way to force the morph.exe to run in the background and not spawn an active GUI?

Hi @jkraus

Since 5.0 version, command-line project execution is moved into separate application, EasyMorph Command Line Worker

Hi @jkraus,

This error was fixed in EasyMorph version 5.2. The bug was in the third-party library, used by EasyMorph to connect to MySQL servers, so it can’t be bypassed with an option.

If you need the Command-Line Worker (CLW) to run workflows from the command line, and you already used EasyMorph before ver.5.0 (which is your case) you can request a free CLW license from

It might be a good idea to go through the Release Notes for v5.0 as it introduced some changes:

Thanks, I sent a request to sales to obtain the CLW license for now. Hopefully we’ll get back online for our ETL soon otherwise our only option will be to revert to the older easymorph and downgrade the MySQL to 8.0.28 where we believe is the last version before this problem was introduced.

Unfortunately it also appears the EasyMorph Command Line Worker v5.1.2.3 version is also suffering from this error as seen below:

20221005170056 Command line: morph-cmd.exe /c “C:\etl\pamt\easy\S_PAMT_VoLTE_v3.15_20211210_TEMP.morph” /param:File_Name_volte=C:\etl\pamt\input\out\VoLte.csv
Project C:\etl\pamt\easy\S_PAMT_VoLTE_v3.15_20211210_TEMP.morph ran with errors:
Error: Character set ‘utf8mb3’ is not supported by .Net Framework.
Source: action “Export to database”, table “Final VoLTE File”

It seems via the EasyMorph GUI it does work to manually run the rules, but not from command line morph-cmd.exe:frowning:

We’ve updated CLW to v5.3.

Just wanted to confirm the new version of CLW v5.3 did resolve our issue. Thanks!