Sharepoint - Update/Create List Values [DONE]

Hi Team -
I’m enjoying the Import Sharepoint list functionality.

Are there plans to also allow export to Sharepoint list or the ability to update values on a sharepoint list?

Yes, there are plans for export to SharePoint too. Initially, we wanted to include it into the recent release but it turned out to be more complex and nuanced than we initially estimated - SharePoint is a rather complex system. For now we are taking time to learn more about SharePoint and its use patterns by our users.

Completely understand.

We’ve used it for a sort of CRM and the only way we can systematically update values today is using Microsoft Flow which has its own quirks.

Please let me know if I can be of any assistance in testing or feedback.

Let me second this request. And also offer time and help in testing or feedback.

Hi @dgudkov - do you know where this is currently falling in the roadmap?

I’m just looking for a general estimate before I invest more time in a custom solution.

Realistically, we won’t be able to start working on it until June. In any case it won’t be earlier than we add updating database tables.

Hi @dgudkov -
We’ve been working on this a little more based on our projects and started using their GraphAPI. It is not very straight forward so I see what you mean.

Example of what I’m attempting to do is treat it like a DB table to an extent with basic CRUD. Thus far we have it working but I’m still excited to see how your team tackles this.

Thanks for providing details. We’re expanding our team now so I hope we will be able to address this need soon.

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Hi EM team,

Just wanted to check - Can we export/update sharepoint list values now?

Hi Arora,

no, it’s still not possible to export/update a SharePoint list in EasyMorph.

Good news, everyone! Updating/exporting to/deleting rows in a SharePoint list coming in v5.