Sharepoint /Outlook email connector updating password issue


We recently updated the Outlook/Sharepoint password and tested if they’re working fine by sending a test email. It worked fine and we received the test emails.

However, we are getting an error saying that ’ The sign-in name or password does not match one in the Microsoft account system.

Action - Sharepoint Command.

Can someone please help me with this? Like I said, I’ve tested the Sharepoint command by running the process on my desktop and there were no issues. Also the updated repository file containing the updated password was uploaded to the server successfully.

Thank you.

Hi @RRB,

The most likely reasons for this error are incorrect credentials or enabled multifactor authentication.

If the SharePoint command action works on your desktop, but the same action in the same project gives you the error in question on the server or another desktop, then most likely, they are using different versions of the connector repository.

Each space on an EasyMorph server can have its own connectors repository. Can you please check that the connectors repository that was uploaded to the server is actually used by the server’s space that contains the task that gives you that error?

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Hi Andrew,

Alright, I’ll check that again, although I do believe it to be the same but then logically it doesn’t make sense so I’ll double check that.

Thanks a lot for helping :slight_smile: