Sharepoint iteration question


Apologies for asking sharepoint questions again.
I am trying to set up a flow that would find dupplicates and archive them.
I’ve set up the following flow:
Import Sharepoint list

Keep dupplicates:

Iterate module 1

Module 1
1 parameter Ordernr = 93983034, one line from the Title column

Import sharepoint list:

Filter on the Ordernr parameter:

I’m adding a few filters and rules to archvie the dupplicate and change the status to Arkiverad:

Then i append the line to a csv file, to keep track of the changes made and lastly update the sharepoint list

When i start the run, the job picks up the order i selected as parameter, changes the status to Arkiverad, appends the information to the csv but does not move to the next order.
I believed the iteration would cause the job to roll through the Title values from the Keep dupplicates action.
Is there anything i might be doing incorrectly ?

Kind regards,

Hi @mihaim4,

Where are you clicking “Run All Actions”, in the parent module or in the child module? If you want it to run through all the iterations, you have to click it on the parent module.

Important: after keeping the duplicates in the parent module, you have to deduplicate the list, so that the iterations happens only once for each duplicate title. If you keep it as you have now, there will be 2 iterations for Title 9396684, 2 iterations for Title 93982949, etc. and there should only be one iteration for each title, as the duplicate issue gets solved inside that one iteration.


Hi Roberto,

Yes, i am running the “Run all actions” in the parent module.

I’m afraid i do not understand. I believe i might not be understanding the iterate function correctly.
How i’m interpreting this to work is that the main module would filter down the list of dupplicates and Module 1 would iterate through each one of them.

The behavior i am assuming is that i would have a list of values in the main module, produced by the keep duplicates list.

Module 1 would import the main list, filter it by a value already identified as duplicate and change the statuses based on their value

When i start the run, it just goes on for 30 seconds and the only order that gets archived is the one i set as parameter, it will not move past and pick another from the list from the parent module.

I have a few other similar jobs but those have no problem selecting the next number in the iteration so i’m thinking i’m definetly doing something wrong with this one…

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Hi @mihaim4, when running an iteration, each row means one iteration:


You don’t want the iteration to run two times for title 9396684, that is why this table has to be deduplicated after you have kept the duplicates - so that each iteration only runs once.

Regarding this, can you check that everything is parametrized in your child module? There may be something hard-coded that is making a specific Title/order run over and over again.


Hello and thank you for your explanation !

I think that, along the way, i came to a conclusion, i don’t really need to iterate as i can simply add a change after the keep duplicate action.
I can filter based on the same iteration rules but keep only the statuses i want to archive as in that list i already have only duplicates.
I tried this and i managed to extract the 5 orders i want to archive, then i just added a rule to change the status and updated the rows in Sharepoint.

My initial logic was to compare each order to the duplicate list in order to confirm that the other duplicates had other statuses but it doesn’t make sense as this way is much simpler.

Thank you very much for your help !
Kind regards,

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