Sharepoint Downloaded Files - Server

I’m currently running into a ‘File has wrong format End of Central Directory’, error on the Import Excel action when trying to open and manipulate downloaded sharepoint files. This only occurs on downloaded files from Sharepoint and occurs on both desktop and server locations. Has anyone else seen or had this error? The files that are being pulled are listed as XLSX.

Errors like that usually happen when the .XLSX file was generated programmatically by a 3rd party library (application).

If you open such a file in Excel, does Excel show an error? Also, if you re-save that file in Excel, does it open in EasyMorph normally?

It opens without issue in excel and acts like a normal xlsx file. When i resave the file in excel I still get the error in Easymorph.

Can you send the file to We’ll take a look at it.