SharePoint Connector: Root element is missing

Hi on EM Server I get this error but on the desktop I do not.

This started a few days ago and I’ve been troubleshooting but can’t quite figure out why. I decided to upgrade to the latest EM desktop and Server as well to be sure it still occurred there as well.

I also used an embedded connector to test with the same results.

action “SharePoint command”, table “Table 1”: Root element is missing.

Hi Adam,

I found an article that describes a similar issue and suggests that DNS settings may be the source of the problem:

Is it possible to change DNS settings on the EM Server’s computer (at least temporarily) and set DNS Server Addresses to Google public DNS addresses ( and and then try to run the same project?

Hi @andrew.rybka -
Changing the DNS didn’t help here but my situation is a little bit more challenging with the work network vs local machine.

My work around is sync the files/folders needed via onedrive to the EM server and access them / push them back there as if they were a local file while I continue to troubleshoot.