Sharepoint Connector Failure - Okta verification

Hi Team

My SharePoint connector worked fine until this morning.
The company where I am working, now added a Okta verification to log into Office 365.

My SharePoint connector now fails.


Any suggestions?


Hi Rykie,

Multi-factor authorization is not supported by the Sharepoint connector.

The typical workaround is to create an app password and use it instead of your actual password.

Hi Andrew

I spoke to IT about the Okta verification, and it does not impact SharePoint.
I could set up the SharePoint connector on the user that I struggled to get the email connector to work.

I had another look on what changed. The only other thing that changed, was that I was added to a new organisation in My Account.

Any tips?


Hi Rykie,

It’s possible that the new organization has a different authorization workflow. Or some other authorization rules were changed.

You can still try to create and use an app password.

Thanks, Andrew

I cannot use the app password - or could not find a way to do it.
I need admin rights to do that.