SharePoint Connector, Actions, and Active Sessions

Hello All,

We’re working through some heavy interation based workflows that will involve SharePoint connections. (Probably 6 different SharePoint actions per iteration, ~100 iterations)

I’m not seeing any information around how EasyMorph handles SharePoint Connector Sessions. How are these handled?

  • Is it keeping a single SharePoint session active?
  • Is it constantly connecting/disconnecting for each action?
  • Does it only keep a session open within a single Module?

Any/all information is greatly appreciated.

Hello @SStratton and welcome to the Community!

Like all the other similar actions, SharePoint actions open a new session on each execution.

Thanks Andrew.

Does it close the session for each execution?

Is there any concerns around running up against the session limits/login limits of SharePoint?

If so, is there any thought to adding a ‘Keep session active’ toggle to avoid this?

Yes, the session is closed after each execution.

Since iterations are always executed sequentially, I don’t think that 6 SharePoint actions per iteration will cause any problems.

As for a ‘Keep session active’ option - EasyMorph use CSOM library which is not guaranteed to be thread-safe. So we can’t share a session object between SharePoint actions because some of them may be executed in parallel.

Related to this, Microsoft is retiring Basic authentication in October.

Does the EasyMorph SharePoint connection use basic authentication? If so, is that going to be updated to support any of the other methods? (Oauth token, Microsoft Graph token, etc)

Hey Andrew,

It sadly looks like we are running into a throttling limit.
Talking with our O365 team, we’re seeing about 400+ actions over 15 minutes, which is having us hit the limit pretty quickly, causing SharePoint to start rejecting our credentials.

Some of this may be because there isn’t a “Move Files” action for SharePoint I, so to move files from one folder to another, we have to:

  1. Get a list of files from the folder
  2. Download the files
  3. Upload them to another folder.
    There are about 90+ iterations of the above.

Then we have to go through our data transformation, then upload the transformed files (~200 files over ~ another 90 iterations).

Are there any thoughts on ways to improve the connections, or at least keep the SharePoint session active in the same module?

Additional question that could help us reduce actions: is there a way for us to set up a list of files so the Sharepoint “Upload” command interprets /foldernamehere/filename here as subpaths? I know it requires you to select a parent folder, but if I can have it interpret subfolders from the list of files, I can pretty much eliminate nearly all of my sharepoint actions down to ~5 total, rather than 6 per iteration.

It uses basic authentication and we are planning to update it to support at least Oauth.

I just tested the “Import SharePoint list” action with SharePoint online and 500 consecutive executions. It took ~18 minutes to complete and all the imports were successful. The imported list was very small though.

Can you try to add a small delay between iterations or\and SharePoint actions with the “Wait” action?

The only other workaround that I can think of is to use the “PowerShell” action with the SharePoint PnP library and a custom PowerShell script. This way you should be able to implement required move workflow with a single action and a single connection.

SharePoint Upload command can only load files to the specified target folder.