Shared memory action

Hi, We are trying to use shared connectors to save the token that will be used by an API.


When we run the project locally, it works. But when we run it as a scheduled task, we are getting the following error message:

Are we missing any configuration here?


@dgudkov @andrew.rybka Could you please take a look as soon as possible? This is a high critical for us at the moment with impacts to a daily financial process. Thanks!


Yes, we’re already looking into it.

@rkawana, a couple of questions

  1. Are you scheduling the task on the Server or in the Launcher?
  2. If on the Server, does the space use the Default worker or some other worker?

Also, did you update your EasyMorph Server or Desktop recently? If not, what’s your current version of EasyMorph Server?

  1. on the server
  2. Use the default worker.

Server version: EasyMorph Server version (0d2b37, ‘Release’)

My desktop version:

Any chance we can look at the project? If yes, please send it to our support email.

@dgudkov, what is the support email?


We can’t reproduce the issue, but located a piece of code that can be responsible for the bug. We’re working on a fix.

The Server has been updated. Please download the updated version from our website.

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I’ve upgraded the server, and I’m no longer getting that error.
Thanks for the quick turnaround.

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