Share datasets between modules


I would like to share datasets between modules. Ideally I would like to refer to the datasets in a module called “datasets”. The datasets are necessary in every module. To reduce required RAM I want to separate my project in separate modules but I only want one set of reference datasets to maintain in the “datasets” module. Currently it seems not possible to refer back to the datasets from within other modules?

I don’t immediately see how I can pass all datasets to another module using the input action? Is it possible that only one dataset can be passed to another module via the input action ?

Only one dataset can be passed between modules/projects using the “Input” action. Possible solutions for passing multiple datasets:

  • Add a column with dataset name to each dataset, append them into one dataset and pass it via “Input” into a module. In the module, derive several tables from “Input” and split it back into many datasets - one dataset in one derived table.

  • Save datasets into .dset files. Read them in modules.

  • Upload datasets to Server. Import datasets from Server in modules.

  • A combination of the points above.

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