SFTP Timeout List files

Is there anyway to set the timeout for an SFTP connection? If I use FileZilla I'm able to view the directory, but it does take a minute or so before it comes up.


Alas, currently it's not possible. We will add timeout settings in the next version to address the issue.

That would be great, thank you!

@nicktagz We decided to increase the default timeout instead of adding the timeout setting.

Can you please download and install the latest EasyMorph Desktop version from our website and try to list SFTP files in that version?

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@andrew.rybka Thanks, it looks good so far. I'll report back if I run into any timeouts.

Can I ask what the default timeout is now?

@nicktagz Thank you for the update.

The default timeout was 5 seconds and now it's 30 seconds.

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