SFTP and key pair authentication [DONE]


I noticed the new FTP transformation in v3.6 is there or will there be support for SFTP connections using key pair authentication?


Hi Bruce,

no support for SFTP or FTPS available at this point. Support for a secure FTP in future editions will depend on how demanded this transformation will be among EasyMorph users (I understand that you need it too). As a workaround, I suggest using Run Program transformation with WinSCP in command line mode , or another FTP client.

Right now SFTP support looks like very useful option , because SFTP becomes more standard way to exchage data rather than FTP by security reasons

Just to make it clear, we’re talking about SFTP (SSH file transfer protocol), not about FTPS (FTP over SSL), right? SFTP is a completely different protocol than FTP. See SFTP vs FTPS.

Yes, for me it is SFTP and thanks for your suggestion. I had also considered this and typically use winscp for exactly that reason.

Whilst I welcome the introduction of the FTP feature we will need to push on with extending my mail/ftp watxher service that drops files of ready for EM to translate.

This way I can fill the immediate need including SFTP as well as logging all inbound documents in a generic and travable manner which we need to do for auditing purposes. I had already finished the mail component before 3.6 had been released and now have the framework for SFTP and web services will be next.

Having said that, I like the simple interface that EM provides and I hope the rest of the community gets behind it.


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SFTP, port 22, at least password secured, without PPK key

This would be a useful option for us too. We have a mixed bag of SFTP and FTPS providers. The ability to connect to them in EasyMorph would be extremely beneficial!

We’re looking for implementing a decent SFTP/SCP client in EasyMorph but it would take time as there are many nuances.

Meanwhile, I suggest setting up a reusable project for SFTP/SCP transfers that is a wrapper for free WinSCP. Run this reusable project using the “Call” transformation whenever you need a file transferred. It might require some effort to set it up but then it would be similar to having a native SFTP/SCP transformation in EasyMorph.

If you have your version of a generic reusable SFTP/SCP project for WinSCP (or something else) feel free to share it in the comments here.

WinSCP has many options for dealing with certificates, public/private keys, fingerprints, passive/active modes, etc.

See also:

Here is a sample reusable project for downloading a file with WinSCP. You can adjust it for your needs.
winscp_get.morph (5.5 KB)

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The example above should work for FTPS too.

Built-in SFTP/SCP file transfer with key pair authentication is now available (version 3.9).

Get it on the download page: https://easymorph.com/download.html