Setting up a complex filter

The attached filter seems to fail. The values in POSSIBLE PA are only blanks, nulls or the text PA. why are blank values showing?

Hi Steve and welcome to the Community!

From what I can see by counting the opening and closing parentheses, the condition can be true when the OR part evaluates to true, even if [Possible PA] is not equal to ‘PA’.

I would suggest breaking the condition into several parts evaluated in different columns to get better visibility into its logic.

Overall, it’s usually a good idea to avoid complex expressions because they obscure calculation logic and decompose a complex expression into several simple ones.

Also note that you can use local constants to remove repeating parts of expressions and simplify them, for instance:

LET loc_for_rates = IN(AsText([LOC FOR RATES]), '110:320',':')

Local constants are explained here (see “The LET operator”): Expressions | EasyMorph

Thank you for the clue. I was able to detect and fix the logic. Just needed that little extra help. I need to learn your debug tools better like the analyze pane and sandbox so I can debug better.