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Set up of SharePoint connector

Hi there, I am trying to set up a Sharepoint connector, but I am getting error 403. I sued both windows credential and specific user. However our company is using organizational account and maybe this is problem? how can I set it up. In powerBI there is such settings, but in Easymorph it is missing



Hi Vladimir and welcome to the community!

Let me clarify - you are trying to connect to SharePoint Online (and not to SharePoint on-premises)?

it is on premises I think as probably in all big companies

Can you please tell me which SharePoint version you are trying to connect to?

Office 365 version

Office 365 usually implies SharePoint Online. On-premises versions are SharePoint 2019, SharePoint 2016, etc. Also, there can be a hybrid deployment of SharePoint On-premises and SharePoint Online.

Is it possible for you to send the URL of the SharePoint site you are connecting to and the username of your organizational account to our support email so we can have a better understanding of what we are dealing with here?

If it’s not possible - can you please tell us which type of domain is used in the site URL and the username? Is it look like {company}.sharepoint.com or just the domain of your company? Please note that domains in the site URL and the username may be different from each other.

it is not possible for me to share URL and username due to company policies
Domain looks only like company domain - apps.company.com and username is usuername@company.com
Specific sharepoint site is apps.company.com/sites/sitename
When trying to connect through Easymorph I am getting error 403.
for example in MS powerBi I had to use “Organization account” credentials option for it to work

Thank you for the info.

Can you please send me a screenshot of the “Organization account” window or popup from Power BI? The one were you have to input your credentials. I have Power BI installed, but it doesn’t show me the “Organization account” option when I’m connecting to SharePoint.

You can leave all the inputs empty and black-out all the sensitive info.

This is how it looks in powerBI, where I am able to connect to our sharepoint, no such luck with Easymorph


Vladimir, thank you for the screenshots.

I have an idea about the source of the issue. But I’m not sure how to test it since I don’t have your type of account available. I will get back to you in a few days.

Hi Vladimir,

We are planning to make some changes to the SharePoint connector in order to address this issue. But we can’t be sure if those changes will actually fix it.

Can we ask you to test those changes by running a small console application, created by us?
The application will ask you for the SharePoint site URL and your credentials and then it will try to connect to the specified site with the specified credentials. Will you be able to run such an application?

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