Set module parameter from current status

Hello everyone,

while using module I found an opportunity for a good feature: when you call a module, you set the parameters and then, in the module, you’ve to configure the parameters again with some value. It would be great if it’ll be possibile to set these parameters from the main module, on the iteration action.

This feature already works when the module raise an error (it appears a window where you can push current value in the module and open it to debug).

Why we need this?
Because, sometimes, you need to debug the module with parameters that doesn’t raise errors, and to do so you’ve to enter the module and manually set the parameters (and they can be 20-25 of them).
At the moment I found a workaround:

  • I modify the module, as first action I add the “Halt on condition” with the condition 1=1;
  • I go in the main module, filter the dataset to have the row with the information I need to debug;
  • Run the iteration
  • The iteration breaks and open the window that let me overwrite the current parameter in the module

I’m the only one with this kind of problem?


That’s smart! It could be similar to what the “Populate” action does in the “Input” action, but for parameters.

It might also be cool to be able to assign module parameters from an error message in the Server journal.

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It would be nice!

Hello, this would be a great tool for debugging! At the moment I also use the workaround that @AndreaM is mentioning, “forcing” an error in order to override the values, but having the option to autopopulate the values without having to add a “Halt on condition” action would be great.


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To complete my suggestion: in the iterate action, put a button “Populate from row”, when pressed you can select which row will be used to populate the iterated module parameters.

Hello Dmitry, all,

is this parameter autopopulation feature still on the roadmap? If so, would you be able to share a provisional timeline?



Hello David,

Yes, it’s still on the roadmap, but I can’t provide a timeline for it at this point. We’re currently totally focused on releasing metrics for the Catalog in early September and will re-assess our timelines after that.

In any case, I hear you and all the people who bring this issue up.


Hey @dgudkov ,

This would indeed be a welcome feature that I also was frustrated by as it can only be achieved by failing the flow. Currently, I use the same method as @AndreaM. So, it seems possible to set the parameters, but only on a faulty path. Debugging would be a lot easier and safer if we always had the option to enter parameters through the "open module" button. Do you have any idea when this feature will be added?

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