Serverlogs in Folder EasyMorph ServerLogs\Server log

Hello, a question about the server logs in directory … EasyMorph ServerLogs\Server log. Currently, the logs of the current year are in the directory. How long in the following year, e.B 2022, will these files be preserved or when will they be deleted/archived? Is it adjustable by us?

The Server logs are not removed automatically. If you want to remove old logs, you can create and schedule a task for that.

ok, thanks! :slightly_smiling_face: At the Moment the Sepparator is Space, right? So the log has 17 Columns. Will the format change in future (e.G. like CSV with Semicolon) and in every Column is always the same Information (eg. JobID, Task Start or EndTime, INFO, ERROR …) It woul be really nice to create a “ServerMonitor-App”

at the Moment it is like this …

The current format is not delimted, but fixed-width columns text with 4 columns:

  • Timestamp
  • Event number (resets on server restart)
  • Event type
  • Message

At this point, we don’t have plans to change the format. However, we can’t guarantee that it won’t change in the future. If it changes, we will mention it in the release notes.

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:slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

One more remark:

In version 5 we will be introducing Server journal which is a database table with various Server events. Task logs will be discontinued, and many task-related events (such as task failure) will be moved from logs to the journal. The Server log will only contain server-specific events such as server start/stop and system errors/warnings.

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Then it probably does not make sense to develop our own monitoring app. Is such a function planned? We would like to have a dashbord of the jobs to observe / optimize them. What runs for how long (slowest job…), what went wrong and when … Will this be included in the journal or in its own app? In first step, we would need a deticated place where we can find the Information (Log, Journal …) In future a Serverdashboard would be great. At the Moment we have only Mails in case of ERROR but nothing to monitor Jobs, Server … for longer Time

It will be trivially easy to develop a dashboard on top of the journal. The journal will contain the following information about task runs:

  • Timestamp
  • Space
  • Project path
  • Initiator (user, scheduler, API call, etc.)
  • Parameters and their values
  • Errors/Warnings (if any)
  • Last 10 status messages
  • Task duration
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This would be great. Will this be stored in Files wich we can read, archive … to have the Information for longer Times.

The journal is a database table, not a file. The Team Server edition will only be able to use an internal SQLite database for the journal. The Enterprise Server edition will also be able to use an external MS SQL Server or Postgres database.

Hi, this would be great :+1: and seems to be what we need